UI/UX Design

Tandem is a mobile research platform that uses the most personal technology people own, their smartphones. Connect with target audiences anywhere, anytime to discover their thoughts, feelings, behaviours and motivations. Tandem lets researchers creatively explore the questions they need answers to, keeping participants happy and engaged.

02 / Research & Process

Initially the research stage of this project was quite overwhelming. I was given a tremendous amount of research, survey results, interviews and user feedback from Further’s first platform, not to mention a lot of opinions and ideas of what this product should be. I had to take a step back and learn a lot more about the industry to ensure I could tackle this properly.

After getting up to speed and asking a lot of questions we moved forward by breaking down all the information and data that we had. We took this information and put it up against the objectives we had from the business and outlined the MVP.

We then moved into creating users journeys based on a range of personas. Once we were happy with that stage we moved into wire framing and prototyping.

03 / Colours

Choosing the colours was a very important part of this project. I spent a lot of time looking into colour psychology and exploring how a certain palette would make users feel. As users would be inputting personal details, opinions, thoughts and emotions it was very important they felt this information would be secure.

04 / Illustrations

Research can be a very dry subject at times so it was important to inject personality and joy into the platform. I spent some time searching for an illustrator with a style that would suit Tandem. Once we had the right one I worked closely with him to create a suite of illustrations that appear throughout both platforms.

05 / Desktop Platform

The desktop platform is a complex but intuitive tool that has come together in a well rounded package and allows researchers from all different industries to craft, run, review and analyse studies. Some of the key features/areas are shown below.


The dashboard allows researchers to get a view of how each study is performing down to how well participants are being engaged. From here researches can take action based on what they are seeing. It was important to make sure they could drill down into any data that was shown, helping to shape their study on the fly.

Activity builder

The activity builder allows multiple methods (quant and qual) to be used within a single activity. This means that researchers can create a single question or a longer complex piece which consist of both exploratory questions, that can be probed by the researcher and hypothesis testing survey questions. This mix of methods allows for greater flexibility within research projects. Allowing researchers to craft easier and more seamless experiences for participants.


The review section is where all the data from the submitted activities and moments appears. From here researches can analyse, tag, filter and export all the data they want to work with. The filtering system can get right down to a single word or emoji and the fluid tagging system allows them to group data. For quant questions researches can view the stats on individual questions as shown in the slide out panel.

06 / Mobile Platform

The mobile platform has become a simple, playful and engaging experience for participants. The bold colours, illustrations and playful UI animations really lift the experience and keep users coming back.

Users can submit text, photo and video responses and moments into the platform. They can see their responses, check on upcoming tasks and chat with the researchers. Some of these key features are shown below.

07 / Summing up

So far tandem has been a success with the clients using the platform since its release in early 2018. Every study has had a engagement rate of 95% or higher, with participants sharing multiple text, images and videos per post, responding in a timely and personal way to tasks and activities. Researches have told us that the desktop platform is super simple to use even with data heavy studies. There has been overall great feedback about the style and feel of the platform.

It has been an amazing experience being involved with Tandem from start to release and after. I will be taking all of these lessons and experiences into future projects.

08 / What people are saying

"Having just used the Tandem platform for a week long online diary study, we have been very impressed. The set-up on the administration side is extremely intuitive and the platform has been carefully built to provide all the required areas for the researcher – from an activity building area, to the input of participants, a dashboard on participant response rate and more” - Creative Medical Research