Ovo Energy

UI/UX Design

I joined an amazing team at OVO Energy. I worked with fellow product designs and UX designers to create and improve a wide range of their products and services. Below is just some on the main projects I was involved with.

01 / Overview

Working at OVO Energy was a very educational experience. I got to collaborate with amazingly talented product and UX designers. Every project was tackled with extensive user research, workshops, wireframing, prototyping, testing and other UX processes to improve the products and services we were working on. Collaboration and discussion was they key to our success.

02 / Quote & Switch

Quote and switch is the main conversion product. Every customer had gone through the quote and switch process. I was brought on board the quote and switch team to work together to create a completely new and improved experience to improve conversion.

The project started with a two week long design sprint with the whole team where we looked at the scope of the project and the current problem areas. After going through extensive discussions, sketching, wireframes, prototypes and user testing we started to solve some of the main issues in the service.

We wanted to create a flow/design that guided users through the process allowing them to easily input their data to get a tailored quote that was transparent so they understood the totals they were seeing. We chose to work with natural language forms to improve this flow. Once releasing the project there was an improvement in conversion.

03 / Pay monthly app

At OVO Energy they have apps for their pay monthly customers. I was brought on board to redesign the payment system initially and then we ended up doing a complete redesign. The UI was very out of date and the was no UX to speak of. We broke down the current user flows and pin pointed the issues in a few sessions. The main issue was that the information that was being displayed to users didn’t really mean much so it was about bringing the important and useful information to the front of the app. I worked collaboratively with a UX designer and developers to create a new experience for their customers.

The other main aspect of this project was applying all of the new UI that I had created in a OVO design system to give it a major facelift.

04 / Payments