Name that

UI/UX Design

Name That Player is a football trivia game. It is a simple round based game that tests users on their football knowledge. I was hired to design the app from end to end.

01 / The Brief

The client wanted to design a football trivia game that was fun and easy to play so that users can use it in social settings such as at the pub. There was no brand or direction in the style/flow of how the game should work. The only guidelines were:

The game needed to consist of 15 rounds. Each round will display a selection of teams where users need to select the player who has represented the clubs displayed. Correctly choose one of the four answers to progress onto the next round. Users have 15 seconds to get through each round before they run out of time. Complete round 15 then they have won the game.

02 / Style

I started by looking into existing quiz games to see what was out there already. I then worked closely with my wife, who is a talented graphic designer to create a brand identity for the game. From looking at the quiz game market we discovered that it was saturated with so many badly designed and dated games. We wanted to give it a style the was fresh, fun and current without too much clutter so people can easily pick up the game and play with friends.

As well as looking good the game needed to perform well in low light situations. We choose a dark background with white text and a few bold colours to make legible, even if you have had a couple.

03 / Process & Wireframing

I went through a process of mapping out the journey of the game based on what the client asked for. At this stage I had a few recommendations for them. First I thought that 15 rounds was going to be pretty hard to complete considering if you get one answer wrong then its back to the beginning. Secondly I think its important that the game has a “how to play” section, even though it is pretty straight forward. I created wireframes and an Invision prototype to test the usability with different groups of friends.

Unfortunately they didn’t shorten the game but we ended up putting in checkpoints. This means players aren’t discouraged when they have made a lot of progress. A help section and a how to play was also added.

04 / Final product

The final product is an intuitive and simple game with a very modern UI. The playful and well designed brand combined with good UX and animated UI makes it fun and easy to play in any situation. The contrasting colour palette makes it easy to read when squaring up against your mates in a dimly lit pub to test your knowledge of the beautiful game.